About Us

Launched in June 2010, ScoopMama was created by Julie Roseman, a local Atlanta Mama desperately looking for a way to keep her two adorable preschoolers busy without going completely broke...or insane.

Let's face it. Kids are expensive and they need to be entertained. Like all the time. You know you are in trouble when the best you can come up with is taking your tots to the local pet store to see the animals before you drag them to the grocery store and calling that an "exciting activity". We want to make that never-ending question, "What are we going to do today?" easier to answer. Our Mamas are out there scooping up the best deals in town on family-friendly activities, restaurants, stores and services offered at significantly reduced prices.

We are devoted to helping your family enjoy the most out of life. We offer the best family-friendly things to do, see, eat and buy in your town. Want the latest and greatest scoop on what to do with your kids, significant other or the grandparents who are visiting for a week? Visit and sign up for ScoopMama's "Today's Scoop" e-mail.

We only offer products and services that we want for our own family and from businesses we trust – many of them mom-preneurs! Honestly, a good deal is only good if you use it and like it. We want you to feel comfortable spending your hard-earned money on the offers we feature on ScoopMama. We also want you to develop relationships with the wonderful businesses you'll hear about here.

We hope that ScoopMama will introduce you to local businesses that care about giving families great experiences and fantastic deals.

And as we like to say, "No more money drama thanks to ScoopMama!"